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Hello my Name is Caroline

2023 has been a year of much change for us all and so many of us are no longer satisfied with the mundane and the old way of doing things.  We know a new way of being is on the horizon and now instead are seeking deeper answers held deep within our very souls. 


As a Spirtual Medium, Teacher and Coach, I felt deeply inspired and guided to create this unique opportunity for you during the festive season of Christmas.  Both myself, reading your Akashic Records and Barbara reading your Astrological Charts, endevour to help facilitate this process  in a deeply supportive and loving way.  The intention of these readings therefore is to both guide you to find your answer within and to bring a deeper understanding of who you were born to be in this life. What better way to start 2024 with purpose, clarity, authenticity  and alignment with your very soul's blueprint. and find more purpose within.


Akashic Records Reading

The Akashic Records is like a cosmic database which holds information about everything that has ever been or ever will ever be in existence. Every soul will have their own personal record and will hold every word, thought, deed/action from their past, present and future lives. In essence, your Akashic Record is your soul book, which impartially records your journey through past, present and future incarnations.

During your reading, I will open your Akashic Record and access your Soul’s Blueprint for this life. Information retrieved from your book will often show your archetypal soul themes, your current life purpose, what soul lessons you have completed and what still needs to be experienced. It may also contain themes from previous and or future lives and the identification of your soul group that has incarnated with you presently.

Much love to you this Christmas xo

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