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Bespoke Christmas Akashic & Astrological Package for the Soul

Where Cambridgeshire (UK) meets California (US) for those of you who deserve something very unique and special this Christmas



Package Gift Item 1

Personal 1hr Akashic Records Reading

Spirtual Medium and Transformational Coach Caroline Tobin will access your Akashic Records during this soulful and insightful reading. She will help you to discover more about who you are as a soul and why you have chosen your current life path for this incarnation.


This highly personlised gift is ideal for those of you who want to know more about the soul's journey and how to explore and unlock the  innate gifts within.

This is a 1 hour Akashic Reading but Caroline is happy for you to replace it for another type of reading if you prefer e.g. Tarot


Package Gift Item 2

Personal 1 hr Astrology

Divinity Within is so proud to collaborate with the incredibly talented Barbara Goss Anderson. She is a Californian based Astrologer and Archetype Coach and she blew my mind when she read for me recently. I knew I wanted her to read for you too and I was so thrilled when she agreed to participate in this special bespoke Christmas package and at a heavily discounted price to boot as well, amazing is that !!!!!!!!. 


It is my deepest wish that this experience will be the most rewarding and loving gift you could give yourself or the person you love this Christmas and it helps your soul grow even more for 2024. May your beautiful socks be blown off too by this amazing and gifted lady !!!!!!.


As part of this package you will recieve a 1 hour Astrology Reading with Barbara.


Christmas Package Gift 3

Artisan Handcrafted Soap

Using only the best organically locally sourced ingredients, made with love and sprinkled generously with Reiki.


Infused with calendula, geranium and lavender to uplift and nourish your skin and senses.  Pamper yourself and feel your lifeforce and vibrancy bursting through this Christmas.

Christmas Package Gift 4

Scented Candle

Festive candle to infuse your room with the warming, cosy and delicious smell of Christmas Eve.  Gift to include one of the following:

Winter Spice, Mulled Wine and Festive Spruce. 


Candles have an average burn time off approx 55 hours and come with a stylish cork lid.


Free organic balm included for all customers that purchase this amazing and unique package before the 15th of December 2023.

Made with love from locally sourced Cambridgeshire organic honey, beeswax and home grown Calendula and Chamomile. These lavish 30ml healing balms are also infused with Lavender, Frankincense, Orange and Geranium too.  They soothe chapped and irritated winter skin, help with burns and scrapes or can even be used as a lip balm to keep your lips plump. soft  and hydrated over the cooler Christmas period. Also contains Arnica for an extro dose of  healing power and I even dab a bit on my own skin when experiencing an eczema flare up.


Special limited offer price of


Offer only available until 31st December 2023
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