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Hello my Name is Barbara

I am so pleased to work alongside Caroline of Divinity Within in this wonderful season of love, blessings and kindness. 


I endeavour to provide an astrological reading for you or a loved one this Christmas, which I hope may bring greater clarity and insight to your life. 


I am so looking forward to connecting and reading for you.

Much love all the way from sunny California.


Art of Life Astrology

Astrology is a wonderful window into one’s soul, one’s purpose for being here in this life, a map into self-knowledge and self-mastery, and a vehicle for navigating life and co-creating with the Creator. Working with your chart can provide an avenue into moving from fate into destiny. When I listen to the symbolic language of a natal astrological chart, I’m tuned to listen for the major themes and messages: the gifts as well as the challenges inherent in the chart. The transit chart will reveal “what’s up now” and a map for navigation.
The intent of a reading is to provide insight into the interior landscape of one’s being. As my wisest teacher said, “This is a good map. If you want a guide, pray. Trust the designer.” As always, I am deeply grateful and humbled by this map we’ve been gifted through the centuries.



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Art of Life Astrology

Barbara Goss Anderson

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