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Mediumistic Readings

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Divinity Within - Medium Readings

As a Spiritual Medium, I have the ability to shift my awareness and become a bridge between the Physical and Spiritual Worlds. During the reading, I will attune my consciousness to an expanded level of frequencies and reach out toward the Spirit Realm. When this has been achieved and with your consent, I will ask your loved ones to come forward so that I can connect and be a conduit between you both.


Every single reading is highly individual and there is a myriad of reasons why you may be drawn to this type of reading. Perhaps you are experiencing a hard time letting go of your loved one; stuck in deep grief without any healing energy permeating your heart. Maybe you want closure on something that was not been resolved during your life together or maybe you never even got to say goodbye before they passed to the Spirit World. You may just want to check that they have arrived there safely and are now at peace and no longer in pain. Perhaps you need to receive answers to questions that were not answered before death so you can heal and move on with your life. Whatever the reason is, these sessions can be incredibly loving, uplifting and deeply healing. This is often a result of a new awareness that there is no death, only a different part of the journey for the soul to be currently on.

Can be recorded if requested.

Divinity Within
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