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Akashic Reading of your Soul Book

Caroline Tobin Spiritual Medium Psychic Ives Cambridgeshire Divinity Within Akashic Records


Information retrieved from your book will often demonstrate themes such as:

  • Your current life purpose(s)

  • What soul lessons you have completed previously

  • What still needs to be experienced in this life

  • Identification of your soul group that have incarnated with you presently

  • I sometimes can bring awareness to the archetypes that reside strongly within your soul's blueprint, for this life and possibly your past lives too

Each reading is highly personlised for every individual and there is no set format, only that which Spirit brings for your highest learning. I use my mediumstic skills to retrieve this information for a large part of the reading.

However, I also leave a section for you to ask questions towards the end. Nine times out of ten, you may find that they ahave already been answered in the main body of the reading, however you may need further clarification about something that was discussed previously.

Please note that, with your full consent, I will only be able to temporarily access and open your book during the session.


Your record is yours and yours alone and upon completion of the reading, I will close it and return it to its original sealed state.

The Akashic Records is like a cosmic database which holds information about everything that has ever been or ever will ever be in existence.


Every soul will have their own personal record and it will hold every word, thought, deed/action from your past, present and future lives.


In essence, your akashic record is your soul book, which impartially records your journey as a soul through past, present and future incarnations.

During your reading and with your consent, I will open your akashic record and access your soul’s blueprint for this life.

An Akashic reading can provide valuable insights into your life and help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself. If you're interested in exploring your soul's journey, then please consider booking a session with Caroline below so that she can support you on your path towards self discovery.

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