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My Motivation

Thank you for taking the time to look at my website and if so fated, perhaps it’s the start of a shared journey that has a really positive, loving and empowering impact on your life. When I am asked "what is it that I do exactly", I say I can’t really describe what it is but the nearest definition is to say I am the witness who stands along side the healer in you… plain and simple, YOU are your own healer.

To me, It doesn’t matter which modality I use e.g. teaching, coaching, mediumship or just holding someone’s hand who is in pain and just listening; that’s what I do...that is MY soul's purpose. - I help  others continue on the pathway of their own ‘Hero’s Journey’ so they can follow the blueprint and calling of their own soul in this incarnation.

Divinity Within

My Passion...

I have always been what is called a 'Sensitive Soul', and have felt energy deeply within me, even as a small child. However I didn’t understand it and I often felt overwhelmed and bewildered with the strong and confusing sensations that enveloped me, so I learned to block them out. 


However, the consequence of this meant that I always felt something was missing in most of my adult life. I always felt an emptiness in the background that I could not fill no matter what I did. However, the Universe had other plans for me and a near-death experience in 2009 brought all these gifts flooding back with a vengeance, so to say. 


Suddenly my mediumistic abilities opened again and in 2012, I went from working in the public sector to working as a medium, teacher and healer. The pathway was often difficult as everything shifted from what I had known prior to this experience. However I found it incredibly rewarding as I started to align more and more with my soul’s purpose and become more and more my whole authentic self. 


The emptiness that I had carried all my life, evaporated and to this day has never come back. I had finally accepted the call of recognising my own Divinity Within. Since accepting this calling,  I have had the honour and privilege of running my own workshops, public demonstrations of mediumship, development circles and spiritual retreats, which is such a far cry from my life prior to 2012.


I aspire to work fully within the principles of Natural Law, whilst having a deep connection to Alchemy and Sacred Geometry too. These influences, which are blended with the wisdom gained by many eventful life experiences, are all swirled together with buckets of compassion, love  and integrity. My greatest passion is to guide you on your journey, if you so wish to take up the call, align with your soul's purpose and help you find your own Divinity Within.

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All my love Caroline xo

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Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about the services  I provide.

I am so looking forward to connecting with you.


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