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Interference Patterning of DNA (EIP)

Caroline Tobin Medium Psychic Ives Cambridgeshire Divinity Within EIP

Divinity Within - EIP

EIP is a healing modality that gets to the root of low vibrational belief patterns which have been programmed into our subconscious. These distorted beliefs can be formed during our early childhood and we may not even be aware of how much they influence our everyday lives. These patterns can also be influenced by any unresolved past life or ancestral trauma because of a process called Epigenetics (cell memory). 

We unconsciously hold these distorted vibrations within our own energy fields, impacting our DNA and creating dis-ease in the physical, mental and emotional aspects of ourselves. These unresolved vibrational states can be likened to beacons that radiate powerful frequency, magnetising and attracting more of the same life experiences to us. We may find ourselves continually in a loop, repeating these patterns and manifesting the same result with no resolve or completion.

EIP helps to heal these distorted core programs within you by releasing old limiting and harmful patterns that you carry within your auric field. The result may be that you experience expanded, lighter and higher vibrational states of consciousness; a place where you are free to blossom and consciously create a reality that is in alignment with your highest potential.


Divinity Within
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