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I am a Spiritual Medium and Transformational Coach based in Cambridgeshire UK. I offer a wide range of services ranging from Akashic readings to bespoke meditations, which are all designed to empower you to follow your soul’s purpose.



I offer zoom and face to face sessions, all delivered with a high level of integrity, congruency and compassion.

Caroline Tobin Medium Psychic Ives Cambridgeshire Divinity Within

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Tarot & Psychic

This reading deals with influences and situations that are presently held within your auric field.  Information given here may bring a greater sense of clarity and confidence in helping you make more empowered and wiser choices when deciding on a course of action to follow.


Energy Interference Patterning of DNA

EIP is  a very powerful vibrational healing modality that energetically shifts  unconscious core beliefs and negative patterns which are creating emotional, mental and physical disharmony in your life.



This reading brings forward messages from your loved ones, friends and pets that have passed to the Spirit World  It can bring relief and help you to heal and move on with your life.


Akashic Records Reading

This reading accesses your past, present and future lives from your records in the Akashic Library, which resides within the Spirit World. It can bring clarity and understanding about your life’s purpose.


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