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A remembering to UN-BECOME

Updated: Mar 26

by Caroline Tobin

'Know Thyself' - Aristotle

“Maybe the journey isn't so much about

BECOMING anything.

Maybe it's about…

UN-BECOMING everything that isn't really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.”

As a Transformational Archetypal Coach and Spiritual Medium, I am often asked about the information which is held in the Akashic Records pertaining to the Soul’s Blueprint for this incarnation.

I am asked questions such as:

How can I become more than I currently am so that I can be aligned with my life purpose?

How can I become more intuitive and develop extra sensory perception?

How can I be more creative and birth something of beauty into this reality?

How can I become more connected to my soul essence?

How can I be more so that I can ascend within this incarnation?

How can I be more……fill in the dots?

And most importantly of all, who am I and why am I here and what is the reason for my existence?

In response, I often ask people to look inside and consider the reasons why they feel the need to continually want and then push to become more in this life?

Why are we always asking how we can get to “there”, as if there is a destination to arrive at outside of ourselves?

Why do we believe that we are lacking and encased in scarcity rather than a realm of natural abundance?

Why do we believe by doing something or getting somewhere, that we will indeed bring ourselves to a place where we will eventually achieve perfection? Is this actually a program running that we are not aware of, one running invisibly in the background just like in the movie: The Matrix?

Continuing on this theme, why do we also believe that we need to chase ideas of ascension? Perhaps it is with this thought, that one day, if I become perfect, I may be seen as a success in the eyes of our Creator. In essence my life and purpose on this plane would be seen as worthwhile because I have achieved a state of being or doing.

Or perhaps there is a deep held belief that we will suddenly become lovable and worthy of someone finally seeing us for who we really are and seeing our beautiful light within.

Could you possibly entertain an alternative idea that:

Would it be possible to imagine that you are already perfect and therefore achieving perfection outside of yourself is impossible, you don’t have to do anything for this to be true?

Could you ponder on the thought that you are so unconditionally and deeply loved already by The Divine? Every single molecule of your being, every aspect of you, down to the smallest speck of you, is valued, loved and seen by Spirit.

You don’t have to be good enough, perfect enough, worthy enough or in any way at all really, you are bestowed this gift of love just because you are a child of God and you EXIST. In my opinion the soul’s  journey is not about becoming anything… It is in fact the opposite, it is a remembering instead.

A remembering to find out who you truly are… Beyond the body and mind, beyond the programming of our parents, religious structures, schools and mass media. It is the pathway back to understanding yourself as the divine spark you inherently are… Your true I AM Essence.

You were born perfect, in the image of our beloved creator… Don’t believe me…Ponder perhaps the fragrance of a new born baby. The sweetness of that aroma which fills your very senses with the long forgotten memory of your true home, your home in the ‘Heavens’. 

That newborn child radiates the absolute purest form of our true nature and leaves you with a feeling you cannot put into words but can only remember as if in a dream. This is our natural state, in which we have forgotten who we are.

So to answer that important question of “who am I?” And “why am I here?” Perhaps one answer could be that the journey of the soul is to UN-BECOME so we can remember who we truly are, beyond the programming and the limitations and confines of the egoic mind.

To remember, witness and embrace the divinity within that is already here, within our very being just waiting to unfold before us. And may we also come to an understanding that it is not our pathway to chase some future destination outside of ourselves that promises but never delivers.

'Know Thyself', that is the Journey.

If you need support with deprogramming the perfect programme, then perhaps consider booking a free consultation with me to discuss my transformational coaching packages at:

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