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The Journey of the Leapfrogging Crab

Updated: Jun 29

If you are not authentic in your being, know who you are at a core level or have healthy and wise boundaries, then you are going to find that you keep meeting and attracting those who want to use you, bring/keep you down and drain you.

Are you experiencing this scenario right now and just keep attracting toxic people to you, no matter what you do to change it or resolve it.

It’s crazy making, isn’t it?

Is there a part of you that instead longs to have more grown up, loving, respectful & mutually beneficial relationships with others?

I know I sure did.

You may yearn for a new way of being, one in which the individuals in your life are motivated to symbiotically grow with you towards self-realisation and the unlocking of the potentiality of their soul.

A place where you can mirror each other through your relationship and in mutually beneficial ways.

However, to allow that dream to come to fruition, we must first understand that our relationships are primarily a mirror which reflect back to us the parts in which we remain unhealed.

It's never just about the other person, it's always about you.

When we learn to become radically responsible for ourselves, instead of projecting and blaming the other, when we have the courage to not only see the shadow within but face it and heal it......

Then we truly have found the gold within the experience.

That is pure Alchemy.

It is here that we have the potential to truly transform our lives and the quality of the relationships we have with others.

As I am writing this blog and I look outwards towards society, unfortunately I do not see that truth in the collective mind at the moment.

Instead, what I now see is that as a species we are becoming embroiled in more drama, more toxicity, more polarisation and more narcissism.

We have lost our centre.

And our hearts.

Sadly, I see an increase in tendencies to want to pull others down, just like the ‘crabs in the bucket scenario’, which is rapidly becoming the accepted norm today.

This is the mentality whereas if one crabs gets to the top of the bucket, they are immediately dragged down by those underneath them.

Essentially, no crab ever escapes or gets out.........ever........just all swimming around in one big bucket.

Eeeeek........ soul destoying or what?

I have witnessed this practice numerous times, both for others and for myself.

It seems the norm in a toxic world, which as forgotten it's divine roots.

I have at times been left feeling so very alone, drained and burnt out by helping too many people who had no intention of healing but instead wanted to keep me stuck in the bottom of the bucket with them.

What's that old saying "misery loves company" and do you know what, I foolishly let them, thinking I was helping them?

I have also experienced the feeling of being terrified of shining too brightly.

I have often dimmed my inner light just in case I got noticed and then taken down by a jealous or highly competitive person.

All in the false belief that it would kept me safe.

Did it work, hell no.

It made those crabs who were nipping at my heels in malevolence, nip even harder when I tried to quietly move in the direction of my true potentiality.

I have to admit that I have purposely kept myself small in my life to avoid this scenerio,

Always dreading that one of them would shout, "who on earth does she think she is".

I found that these crabs believed so strongly in the idea of scarcity, that they did not understand just how abundant the Universe truly is for everyone.

And I mean everyone, including them.

Instead they couldn’t stand another becoming more aligned with their soul’s purpose and growing, so their minds became poisoned due to the false belief that:

  • Others were taking more than them

  • Others were having more than them

  • Others were being more than them

The list goes on and on and all coming from a place of lack.

So they plotted to bring anyone down that tried to move beyond the illusion, just so they could prove to themselves that they were better than everyone else..

And so everyone just kept scuttling around that big ole rusty bucket.

Round and round we go, not realising the journey is all about self actualisation.

In my opinion the worst of all the crabs in the bucket were the ones that pretended to be spiritual. They often wore a fake mask of kindness, alturism and gentleness but their claws dragged you down harder and quicker than any other crab.


As a highly sensitive person, genuine and loving person, the discomfort of these experiences have been excruciating and painful to encounter in my life.

I couldn’t understand the need to keep another person down.

It as always been my philosophy that when we work together as a collective and share resources, then everyone becomes strong and everybody’s boat floats to the surface together.

"Win win chicken dinner" to coin an English phrase.

Basically eveyone wins in this scenerio.

However, as I continued to work on cultivating radical responsibility, facing my shadow, healing my wounds, embodying more of my soul into this realm, I noticed something wonderful unfolding within me naturally within my relationship with others.

It was the resonance and beauty of authenticity.

As I became more authentic, my relationships became more loving and authentic.

As I became more of my true self, I started to understand that even those crabs swimming around in the bucket serve a purpose in this highly intelligent and organised Universe.

They gave me the freedom to see who I was in that mirror and helped set me free.

I started to understand that they do not define who I am, neither do my experiences, for I am a Co-creator with the Divine in this world and I am Spirit housed in flesh.

With this realisation, I started to embody more and more of my I AM Presence and realised nothing is personal.…

Understanding that everything in this Universe is a blessing and is here for our learning, has let this little old crab leapfrog out of that rusty old bucket like an olympian polevaulter into the welcoming arms of freedom.

Here she can truly explore and express her potentiality and the divinity within.

It has given me the gift to really “Know Myself” to really get to know my soul and who I am and who I am most certainly not.

Amazing isn't it.

I genuinely thank each and everyone of those crabs in the bucket for reflecting back to me where I was stuck and not being my true authentic self.

The freedom to know that Spirit certainly has this crab’s back, has given me immense courage to grow beyond measure.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart all the genuine, strong loving and beautiful people that surround me now. It's been a ride for sure but the journey has been so worth it to find you.

How about you, yes you that is reading this?

Need a little assistance leapfrogging out of your bucket and finding your 'Soul Tribe', then why not consider working with me to explore this avenue.

I would be homoured to be that mirror to refect back to you your own DIVINITY WITHIN.

Perhaps we can create a new paradigm together.

A world where all crabs are catapulting each other out of that rusty old bucket, with kindness and care in their hearts and in to a place of true freedom and potentiality.

…….. to a place of genuine love, authenticity and connection with each other.

In my mind and heart, everything is possible.

Amen to that.

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