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Finding The `Gold Within Package

This is the ultimate package for those that want to transform their lives completely.  Intensive, yes.....hard work.....yes but worth it ........1 million percent

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These supportive coaching sessions will help in deprogramming and releasing old and limiting patterns and beliefs that hold you back from being your true authentic self and connecting deeply with your soul and its purpose in this life.

For the most momentum with your transformation I advise that sessions are best attended on a weekly basis.

What's included in your package

Package item 1

6 x 45 minutes personal transformational coaching sessions with me.

Package item 2

1 x audio mediation to tap into and release the gifts of your archetype (blueprint).

Paackage item 3

1 x Personal and live transmutational spiritual meditation, this can be recorded for you, if requested.

Package item 4

1 x audio copy of my emotional intellegence meditation.

Package item 5

1 x 45 minute Archetype/Akashic Records (blueprint) reading or EIP session (releases Karmic patterns), which can be recorded for you.

Package item 6

1 x archetype (blueprint) quiz. to know where you are on the 'Hero's Journey'.

Package item 7

Follow up support on completion of the process.

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